Test Enneagram

Welcome to our IECG Enneagram program

To fill in the questionnaire, please follow the instructions:

  • Step 1: Read the presentation form: Recommendations before completing the questionnaire
  • Step 2: Register. Enter the Username and Password received and fill in your surname, firstname and email address.
  • Step 3: fill in the questionnaire in accordance with the instructions
  1. Do not read through the questionnaire: in order for this work to be as truthful and productive as possible it is important to answer the questions as they come, step by step.
  2. A « forced choice » questionnaire: this questionnaire consists of 180 paired statements numbered 1 to 180 each labelled respectively A and B (making a total of 360 statements). In each of the 180 pairs you must imperatively mark with an ‘X’ on the right of either box A or box B, choosing those which best describe you. It is important that you choose, from each pair, the statement which you perceive as that which describes you at best (or least worst!).
  3. Answer quickly, without thinking too much about each answer. Continue through the questionnaire as quickly as possible. Choose an appropriate moment to do this without the risk of being disturbed. This should take approximately one hour.
  4. It is indispensable to answer all propositions 1 - 180. Whilst completing the questionnaire, you may find that two statements are:
    • both applicable,
    • neither correspond to you,
    • or difficult to compare.
    You must imperatively, however, make a choice (marking "X" in the box on the right-hand side of either A or B, even if you have to force yourself. That is why it is called “a forced choice’ questionnaire.
  5. Warning : there is a danger of manipulating your answers in order to give a better image of yourself. Be aware that there is no right or wrong answer to this questionnaire. Trying deliberately to give the “right answer”, “cheating” in other words, would in fact run the risk of putting yourself in a less favorable light!
    In any case, the aim of this work is to enable you to discover yourself in a true light, your deepest attitudes and spontaneous reactions; the fruit of which making it possible to distinguish your “path of growth” making you, therefore, more lively and ready to respond to your vocation.
  6. Sentence coherences: sentences may repeat themselves in the same form or slightly different. On encountering this, do not worry about how you have previously answered, knowing that when a sentence is repeated in a similar form, it is in fact compared to a different alternative (as it is associated with another statement) and consequently your choice can be different.